Dear grandma

I lost my beloved grandma last week. Nothing presage when the last time I met her on early March in my cousin’s wedding. On Sunday morning when I was camping, Ibu called me, she told that grandma has passed away..
I was speechless.. Nothing of my friends in the camp knew about that. I was silent.. I was still can’t crying.. Thinking that I have to went home even though I couldn’t see her in the last time..

Grandma was a beautiful woman with her sweet smile. She couldn’t reading nor writing, but she could counting well. She was my ‘amateur’ teacher when I was studying mathematics in elementary school. She was a nice story teller. I love her cuisine. Even though she sometimes childish, she always be our idol and marked in our hearts :)
*now I really want to cry when I write about you* :'(

Good bye grandma, thank for everything, no words can describe how kind of you and how much we love you xx

— — —