One month later..

Yes, today is weekend, but it’s not for me, because I have to restart my research (lab work especially) after back from Australia last month. But, when I just have finished one work, unfortunately my lucky has gone, electricity suddenly death :( aaaaannnddddd I have to stop my work!! doh!! :(

another fact..

Finally I do blog some blogs about traveling and I get an idea to write my journey experience too. It’s not traveling note about to get a good destination point, because I have written a short post about Brisbane (my destination) in this post and this one for photos. The second reason, I wasn’t a backpacker who explore a place (in this journey), it was a research program, so I don’t write how to get a good hotel or cheap transportation. But  idea comes to my mind!! I’ll write about my experience during research in plant virology laboratory to some points.

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