another side of my trips

People who have high wanderlust a.k.a traveler maybe have some destinations in every country. Some of them like to visit city, museum, enjoy the history and vintage circumstance; the other hands maybe prefer to enjoy the beautiful of nature, aaaand even some people spend much money just to shopping :3

I have a little bit different preference. In every trip, I spared my time to visited an university, maybe it was influenced that I’m still a student :p

So, in this moment, I want to share my experience when I visited some universities. Let’s go!

* Chiang Mai University – Thailand (2011)
Chiang mai is one of big cities in Thailand, located in the North area. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to explore Chiang Mai University in my last day, so nothing good photos to shared. Sorry :(
But I uploaded some photos when I stayed in Thailand here.

*Queensland University of Technology – Australia (2012)
A beautiful lucky was that in April-2012 I got a chance doing a part of my researches to AU. Yep, beside work, I didn’t forget to explore the Brisbane city, one of destinations was QUT. QUT was located near parliament house and city botanical garden (Queen’s Park Sir. C. Bowen Covn). Unfortunately when I was there it’s still Easter holiday, so the campus was quiet. But, don’t worry you can still enjoy the picture of QUT ;)

student centre
*University of Queensland – Australia (2012)
The second university that I visited for my short stay in AU was UQ. It was located near from my research place. I usually walked to enjoy afternoon around campus. Unforgettable moment! ^^

*Ibaraki University – Japan (2012)
Spring would be ended when I visited Ibaraki University in November 2012. A little bit different style between the universities before. Spring painted Ibaraki daegaku with yellow and orange, so romantic right?


— — —
One of my wishes in 2013 is I can visit  more and more other universities (and maybe can study) in abroad ({})

Do you also like visit university in every your trip?