¡A por la Décima! Campeones!!!!!

We have been waiting for so long (12 years fyi)..
It’s over..
It was a hard game from the beginning and felt so hard when the score was still 0-1 for Atleti.
But, again and again, football is full of mystery and surprise guys..
Sergio Ramos made Atleti fans shut up after his goal in the injury time, 1-1 for Real Madrid (unbelievable!!). We won with the score 4-1 after the extra time 2×15 minutes.
Real Madrid played as a team with winner mental. Never give up until the whistle was blown.

Again and again congratulation for all Madridistas around the world! :’)

En España: Real! En Europa: Real! En el mundo: Real! Para siempre Real Madrid, Real Madrid, Real Madrid, Real Madrid…