Got Married

As some of my best friends know, after two years in long distance relationship (Indonesia and Japan), finally Deden and I got married on September 16th, 2016. Making a decision to get married was one of the biggest things in my life. It is not as easy as when have to decide where and with who we will travel. It is ok if hundreds of quotes said that if love doesn’t need reason, but not about married. We have to compromise with our own ego, respect to our partner, accept plus and minus partner’s background, and the most important is keep the commitment.


Sept 16, 2016

The wedding ceremony was hold in a simple traditional party, did not follow complex ceremony or anything glamour else. Solemnization of marriage was hold on a mosque near my home sacredly. The ceremony was attended by our close family, friends, and colleagues from our offices.
And then…
at 9 a.m. we are officially being a husband and wife.
Praise and grateful to Allah Subhanallahuwataala :)



Back to preparation story, we committed to do everything together. Our concepts were simple, unique, and got lower price (Ya Allah perhitungan banget ya..wkwkwk)
Ok, I will share a little bit about our wedding’s stuff, I hope it will be useful for bridezilla:

Alhamdulillah, one of my best friends gave me a beautiful kebaya material. We discussed together for the design, and then decided that it would be sewn with ‘kutu baru’ model.
Fyi, it was sewn on Tante Fani (Jln. Sukasari, Bogor). I really love with the result :)

kebaya kutu baru

*Invitation Letter and Souvenir
Invitation letter was printed in Kristal Card (Tebet, Jakarta). I found this printing  company after search on several blog’s review. We are satisfied enough with the result :)
For souvenir, we choose “uchiwa” (traditional Japanese hand-held fan). The souvenir was ordered in Japan because of three reasons, i.e., the price was lower, the design could be customized, and my husband was studying there. Don’t be surprise if they contains with DNA pattern, because both of us have molecular biology background :p
Fyi, invitation letter and souvenir were designed by @izzaniy . Thank you so much Izza :*


*Hand bouquet and wedding’s gift (mahar, mukena, etc.)
I am so grateful and happy because one of neighbors in my hometown can help me to design the hand bouquet, mahar, and wedding gift (seserahan). I choose pink rose as my hand bouquet (not plastic flower). We used Yen’s currency as the mahar because its value was easier to equated into our wedding’s date. For mukena, my mother in law bought from Tasikmalaya because it was well known with its beautiful embroidery.


Overall, I thank to everyone for the attendance, greetings, prays, and gifts. May Allah blessed you..Alhamdulillah the wedding ceremony could be hold excellent :)

One of my favorite greeting quotes from our best friend, mbak Ani Widia:

Whatever happens in your family, both of you have to choose to be happy