No Idea :S

“Fire Ball” in the dark sky (Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai – Thailand), March 2011

Yes!! I felt my mind switch locked for several days,,everything felt so dark..efeknya bikin time line twitter&status di FB jadi galauuu semua..nothing idea to make a creativity or wrote my research synopsis >,<

Hectic to pursue scary many silly and sensitive questions e.g. “habis ini mau kerja / lanjut S2 Ta???” or “Udah apply lamaran kerja ke mana aja??” Guys, you must know that I also still confuse to answer all your hard questions,,so I prefer to keep quite than make a press conference (hahaha,,sok artis banget gue)

Usually, to lightening my mind or find a crazy idea,,I have multiple choices: reading a book/ magazine/ even news paper; chit-chat whit my friends, lecture, even stranger; traveling; window shopping; buying and sending postcard; sipping a cup of tea/ clearing a plate full of delicious food..but yeah,,I have tried all of them..but no significant result..

and then, now I will try to nap and wake up in the early morning..maybe it can delete my hubbub and triiiiiiiingg!! I find a magic box which was filled with colorful of great ideas :)

Gute nacht freund..Icas

P.S: what are you doing when your mind felt switch locked? maybe you can share your story/ idea on comment box below. Thank ^^

the end of May..sweet taste :9

Hello June..hi bloggin lova..long time no see with you..Yep!! I got many hectics for several days in my ‘real world’..

Actually, when I posted this writing, I had graduated and became a miss Bachelor of Agriculture from my University officially..yes!! finally I could finish it :D (although I couldn’t get cum laude and late almost 6 months from normally) but it’s Ok!! I have done it well..did you know guys,,God switched my disappointment about this one with extraordinary graces ^^ Continue reading the end of May..sweet taste :9