Hectic month

I don’t know why everything occur in November?
it’s not special month for me,,maybe just because there’s special day,,11.11.11,,haha it was so funny when people perpetuated their special moments in this day :D

November for me it’s hectic month..
Hectic to meet new friends, hectic to prepare my marathon examination & paper every week, hectic to join in “ISSAAS 2011- Indonesia chapter” committee, even hectic steal to write a postcard, but,,never forget to read timeline on my micro blog ‘twitter ;)

November was started with joined 1st meet up postcrossing in Jakarta (November 5th, 2011)..Hmmm,,it’s so  great moment when we shared about our experiences during became a postcrosser or postcard collector, signed postcard, swaped postcard, bought stamp, and took pictures together :D (thank Puty for these photos)

After met new friends from postcrosser, my 2nd week was started in ISSAAS 2011 committee,,yep in this symposium I just became a committee because I wasn’t yet start my research, so I didn’t have data,,but it’s ok,,I enjoyed this program :) *hope next year I have finished my research and join to this program in Philippines as participant ;)

(photo credit : Taher, Vero, Harwan,,thank you so much bro! )

and now,,

I have to prepare my two examinations next week and my papers..

anyway how are you? are you also hectic now?

— enjoy your day and always be grateful to God ^^,)