Short Journal of Summer Course 2012 — すごい^^

Hi Hi,,hello amazing September!! Sugooooiii,, I guess this month (for me especially) looks like as Japan theme :p

It’s time to Summer Course guys! ;)

But, actually, it doesn’t seem as ‘happy’ as you look on photos below,, I have to work hard in the back stage to prepare this summer course >..< Yes, when the notification came, I was still in my hometown and blah! I didn’t bring my notebook >…< sooo thank to someone who had borrowed me ^^

It has not finished yet,,I have to made slide for oral presentation and poster! aaannnddd again and again to my friend and my supervisor absolutely who hav given the great idea for me ^^, I really started September with ‘rock ‘n roll’ dead line >…< (I can lough now :D )

Summer Course 2012 was started (16-17/09) — @ IPB
Summer Course 2012 was attended by 4 Universities (Bogor Agricultural Univ./IPB as host, Ibaraki University, Tsukuba University, and Ryukyus Univ.) total there were 40 students of Indonesia and Japan. The program was started with class (so sleepy :p) and oral+poster presentation (so uptight >..< ) In the first evening, we served with delicious dinner,,yummy,, おいしい :9

Lecturer Class (Photo by: Sanhez&Acta)

We called it: r-e-u-n-i
Photo Credit: Rebecca Sitorus
1st dinner (Photo by: Acta&Sanchez)

3rd day 18/09 — Field Observation
It was observation day.. We divided two main groups for observation, in the perennial plantation and in the paddy field. We observed the chlorophyll contains (used SPAD) and soil analysis (used Dr. Soil). After lunch, we picked up to ICDF (collaboration between IPB and Taiwan Gov.) and take a rest for 1.5 hours to take shower, because organic farming resort in the ‘Puncak’ area was waiting us ;)

Explanation (Photo by: Bobbi)
took chlorophyll data used SPAD (Photo by: Bobbi)
Dr.Soil (Photo by: Bobbi)
Ready to the Gunung Geulis resort (Photo by: Vani)

4th day 19/09 — Organic Farming ‘Gunung Geulis’ Resort & Safari Park
The observation was still same with the 3rd day, but we analyze more,,we study about farm management, include marketing. But, the ‘real day’ was after field activity :p We visited Safari Park \(:D)/

Organic Farming  (Photo by: Bobbi)
No comment :p (photo by: Becky)

5th day 20/09 — Result Presentation and Cultural Evening

“..I want you,,I need you,,” performed by Ryukyus Students (Photo by: Vani)
Best Poster & Oral Presentation,, Sugoiiiii ;D

6th day 21/09 — Bogor Botanical Garden and Sayonara!!

New Friends (Photo by: Vani)
Jump!! – Group 2 (Photo by: Sanchez&Acta)

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our madness box ^^,)

Hi girls,,what are you doing there? :p
Souvenir of Summer Course — Arigato
Duo ter-Keren se SC2012 :P
we called it Okinawa style :p
-Trio Rocker- (Photo by: Sanchez&Acta)