Try to learn

This afternoon, after finishing our meeting in the lab, I discuss with my supervisor about the character of personal’s life. I talked to her that I have done blog walking and found some character of my friends. Somehow, it becomes interesting for me, because I think it’s the time to start my ‘style’ in the future. We try to compare some characters of people, esp. people around us (it’s not for gossip). Some people with the smart brain look so ambitious and part of them stand with their humble characters. Some of them write their dreams so optimist and there are part of them so calm with their life. Again and again it back to the personal, she said that I have to build the character based on my style.

Back to August, I remembered when my supervisor said that I have to build my character, maybe because sometimes I’m still childish :p. Yup, as one of her fans, I try to learn like her, as a nice lecture-a wife-and a mother. She teach me how to manage a problem with calm and wise, how to be patient with some annoying students, how to be a nice scientist, how to be a good listener, and life lesson to always share and serve to the others.

As a junior scientist, I try to learn how my tutors teach me. Back to 2012, when I did my first DNA cloning, my tutor, Matthew, taught me how to teach patiently. I like his teaching style, because he can explain clearly and of course he is smart. Thank Matt :) In 2014, when I back to the same lab with other project and new tutors, I learn something new. I learn how to become a nice and cool tutor likes Julia. She manage everything very well and welcome in every our discussion. I like listen her story when we lunch or coffee break in the morning. The other one, Paul, my cool tutor 8-), he learn to me for not so serious when work in the lab. He has a nice joke. Oh suddenly I miss them :’)

I also try to learn to be a nice listener for my lab-mates. I like listen my lab mates story, especially about their experiences as a student also as a wife and a mother. Imagine that I will also have the same phase like them in the future :D :D

And absolutely I learn some lesson from my first teacher in my life, ibu, someone who always be my biggest supporter, my enemy, and my everything :)

Places shape people or so it is told. Just meet the right people and you are up for something new in the blink of an eye (TL).