Postards from Private Swap

Postcards from Austria, Netherlands, Japan
Postcards from Ellya, Uthie, and Restu

Hello all..ough..this month is really hectic..many stuff and project from University and my lecture..and have to preparation fitting ‘kebaya’ for my graduation day (next month!!!! :) )
but all my tired lost when I was observing postcard which arrived in my post box.. ;)
Actually, beside I join in postcrossing project, I also do private swap with others..from Indonesia and abroad too..
I got Fuji Mount. postcard from Kondo (Japan), beautiful Vienna from Eva & nice butterfly from Anita (Austria), an unique hologram postcard from Roomy (Netherlands), classic postcards from Uthie & Ellya , and calendar postcard from Restu (Indonesia) ..thank you all..terima kasih..danke..arigatho..dank u.. I love them ^^

by postcards I feel sail the world ;)

anyone want to do private swap with me? you’re welcome :D
and I would so glad if you could send me a soccer / royal wedding postcard..hehehe ;)


Copa del Rey for Real Madrid

“En Espana REAL!
En Europa REAL!
En el mundo REAL!
Para Siempre REAL MADRID!!!”

picture: here

Mestalla Stadium, Valencia..
Last night was very incredible moment for Real the 2nd of el clasico with Barcelona..finally for 2×15′ in extra time Real Madrid conquer for Copa del Rey after defeating Barcelona.. 1-0 by Cristiano Ronaldo heading in minute 102, bring Real Madrid becomes a winner..despite a red card for Di Maria.. Continue reading Copa del Rey for Real Madrid