Foto ini diambil sekitar tahun 2009-an setelah KKP. “1000” (baca: seribu) merupakan nama keren sekaligus agak konyol yang disematkan kepada kami berempat karena ukuran (uhuk, langsung keselek duren) badan kami. Amel, si jangkung yang awet kurus tentu saja mendapat kehormatan sebagai pemegang angka “1”. Lia, Vani, dan saya *ehm* harus ikhlas memegang angka “0”.

We tied a friendship knot in 2007 ..
Time flies…

Kami mungkin sudah tidak se-alay seperti yang di foto ini lagi. Kami sudah tidak lagi bergosip tentang gebetan dan curcol via sobekan kertas ketika di kelas (hahahaha..).

We growth together and we fight to catch our dreams since we were nothing..

Terima kasih Vani, Amel, dan Lia atas persahabatan yang indah ini. Bersama kalian, masa S1-ku menjadi penuh warna :)

–tulisan ini saya buat tanpa bermaksudmengecilkan peran sahabat saya yang lain. Terima kasih kepada seseorang yang mengingatkan saya untuk jangan pernah melupakan 1000 ;)


Kak Manda

Back in 2010, when I was attending international biodiversity field course between IPB and University of Vienna, I noticed that Kak Manda was my undergraduate senior who taking master degree. Since we joined in the same “butterfly” group, we were being close each other. I assume her as my own sister and sometimes we chitchat about many things :)

Front (L-R): Kak Manda, me, and Tanja
Front (L-R): Kak Manda – me – Tanja, we are still young and beautiful :p

Yesterday I met her in the campus, and I was glad to hear that she got internship scholarship to George-August University Göttingen, Germany for 3 months. It’s awesome that she will come back to the land that she was born :’)

She told to me that it’s really early gift for her birthday. It’s unexpected, really surprise. She never expect that she will get this big chance since joined in the research project. A lucky pretty indeed! Kak Manda advised to me for always to do everything your job with your heart, don’t expect anything, never. Because if you love what you do, you will get the nice unexpected things that you never think before.

Dear kak Manda, I’m really happy that you can pursue your dreams. Just one message for you, please don’t tag me many photos when you’re in Europe! :D I will get crazy because I’m really envy XD