Making a reward for myself

Dealing with myself that just because you get a challenge and busy, it doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. So, I treat for myself with simple happiness..

This morning was rainy and sleepy..
A gloomy Saturday..
I didn’t care so much with rain in the dawn.. Just woke up in the early as usual and cooked spaghetti for breakfast. And then ready to did my “to do list, a reward for myself” :)

After went to Rengganis for massage, I went to Botani Square. A cup of cold cappuccino and bread (I was forget the name) in a coffee shop were a perfect combination to finishing my novel. Unfortunately the girls who sitting down to the next seat were really noisy. I wanna gave them cold shoulder, even though in another hand I also felt like a sticky beak -LOL-

I didn’t want to broke my happy, I decided went to Citrus, window shopping for a while and then bought two pairs of cute shoes as gift for new born babies of me and my husband’s friends.

Ok, it’s time to sleep..

Happy weekend :)

Bogor, 9:55 pm.


January, a roller coaster and challenging month in the beginning of 2017


Hi February..
nice to seeing you after through a roller coaster month on January.
It was hard to achieved some of challenges in the early of this year.
Some of ‘oh not so good’ had to be achieved sincerely..
It seems like riding a rolling coaster where you glide from the highest point to the down XD

A new journey was begun..
Honestly, it was not easy in the first time..
In the first week, I could not slept well every night.. I worried I would late..
I had to set my mind to woke up at 3 am then cooked my packed meal and ready in the train station at 5:30 am. My leg got swollen because I had to stood up during one hour in the middle of crowding..and yeah..sometimes I had to sprinted, fought with another workers, just because we want to get a seat in the train.. It is really something that I never imagine before…but in fact, I do now.. -LOL-

Now, I always bring my meal

It looks like a challenge for me that I have to struggle in this condition..

Alhamdulillah, finally, the condition changes.. the mercy comes..

When I change my point of view to be positive, everything around me being easy..

It couldn’t be avoided that sometimes I was fed up.. but I always remember my parents who always cheer up and pray for their children.. They make me wake up again..

Now, I am happy and enjoy with what I do and what I get..I am so grateful..


January be a blessed month for me..
I get new nice friends and teachers.. a new cozy place to study..a little bit adaptation but it doesn’t matter..
I learn many things.. When I learn and get more, I realize that I am still nothing and have to work hard to be a better person. For example, I am student who is still trying to speak English in British accent :D
Another grace, I have a nice husband who always ready be ‘my home’ (ihiiiyyy :p), someone who has passed his PhD defense on January..happiness that can’t be dodged in this roller coaster month..

Countless windfall..

Now, I stand up again to say hello for new experiences on February..