Living in Brisbane: Shopping to Farmers Market

Three spots that I visit constantly  most of the time during live in Brisbane: lab, library, and farmers market :p

As international student from Asian country, going to farmers market for groceries shopping has different feeling than in the department store. Steffi (my new best friend) and I like go to farmers market. We can find several Asian veggies and fruits with pretty cheap price and sometimes buy homemade sourdough or local cakes with a good taste.

There are three farmers markets that you can find on every weekend  if you live in suburb Saint Lucia: Davies Park Market in West End,Milton Market in Milton, and Farmers Market (occasionally) near Brisbane Square Library in the Brisbane City. I’ve ever visited Davies Park and farmers market in the city, but never yet visit Milton market. One of my favorites from Davies Park market is croissant that sold by a French family.

and for you who curious about these markets, this is an example looks from the website:

Milton market
Davies Park market

Picture credit: Milton market and Davies Park market

Another farmers market that I love is Inala market (even though its location a little bit far from St Lucia). Even though we have to spend 1 hour by public transportation, Inala offers more Asian veggies and fresh fish *__*
Three birds in one stone..Inala market is located behind Inala Plaza (Aldi, Woolworth, The Reject), so we can find many things in one spot. And oh once again! after you are getting tired after shopping, you can buy a cup of sugarcane ice with mixed with fresh orange *highly recommended* :D

Picture credit: here

and this is my picture from fish store in Inala:

Happy weekend and happy shopping everyone :)