‘Taman Saodiq and Babe’

we called it ‘Taman Saodiq’
a little garden which was surrounded by a triangle area..laboratory, a class, the librarya and a little room for Himasita..very strategic for us who well know about Taman Saodiq..students,,lectures,,and other staff in my department..We usually use it when we were waiting class,,meeting someone,,just joking together..even doing our paper :D it keeps many stories.. Continue reading ‘Taman Saodiq and Babe’


Happy Birthday Amel :)

Today is Amel‘s birthday..one of my best friends..we have made a friendship for 4 years,,together in a ‘geng 1000’ with Vani & Lia.. Amel is a very nice guy..calm..cute..and sometimes she is silly.. :D
We did our research together..many sad and happy moments..hope you never forget it Mel :)

Amel..here a little gift from me..an old song by Elite..hope you like this.. Continue reading Happy Birthday Amel :)