Making a reward for myself

Dealing with myself that just because you get a challenge and busy, it doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. So, I treat for myself with simple happiness..

This morning was rainy and sleepy..
A gloomy Saturday..
I didn’t care so much with rain in the dawn.. Just woke up in the early as usual and cooked spaghetti for breakfast. And then ready to did my “to do list, a reward for myself” :)

After went to Rengganis for massage, I went to Botani Square. A cup of cold cappuccino and bread (I was forget the name) in a coffee shop were a perfect combination to finishing my novel. Unfortunately the girls who sitting down to the next seat were really noisy. I wanna gave them cold shoulder, even though in another hand I also felt like a sticky beak -LOL-

I didn’t want to broke my happy, I decided went to Citrus, window shopping for a while and then bought two pairs of cute shoes as gift for new born babies of me and my husband’s friends.

Ok, it’s time to sleep..

Happy weekend :)

Bogor, 9:55 pm.


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