Another Hello from February

Hi back again, long time no see with blog! ;)

After a hectic week, finally my seminar has done! Alhamdulillah :) My beloved friends came and very helpful, something that I have to be grateful..yeay!! *shaking and dancing*
Now, my step is closer to be a master student ;D *PLEASE DON’T ASK ME WHAT WILL I DO*

But yeah, honestly, for almost my friends in the colleague ask to me, they are really curious about the next step in my personal life. Hope it just because they really care about me :p. Some of them guess that I’ll take a scholarship and continue my PhD after graduate directly (amien), some of them are sure that I’ll take a job as a scientist or lecturer (amien), but the worst is only a little bit people guess that I’ll marry (poor me,, hahahaha :D :D )

Again and again, I don’t really like to expose my personal life, sometimes it’s a mess. Sometimes I just think that silent is the best way. Sure, saya kadang benar-benar ragu dan lebih banyak memilih diam tentang hal-hal yang belum pasti saya raih. Saya akan lebih senang berbagi cerita ke orang-orang terdekat apabila hal tersebut benar-benar sudah pasti. Jujur, saya pun tidak suka berteka-teki. *halah* :))))


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