a random post

Thank God It’s Friday!

Yeay! Break time! *patut dirayakan*

Jum’at terakhir di bulan November..
Pagi ini saya terbangun sekitar pukul 03:30. Iseng buka status teman-teman di socmed. Mata yang asalnya masih agak kriyip-kriyip langsung jadi 100 W gara-gara ada seorang teman seangkatan update mau sidang komisi-seminar-sidang komisi-sidang dalam dua bulan ke depan. Jleb! Gue cuman bengong liat update-annya,,no response. Langsung kedip-kedip ga jelas ngebandingin dengan diri gue sendiri.

Oh my gosh! 2013 will be over immediately and I’m still on the same point. No significant progress which I can check on “my wish-list”, for study, life, or love..even to decrease my weight! -lol- :D


Two days ago..

07:00 am, still in the early morning to start work in the lab (we usually start work at 08:00 am), me and my supervisor has already been in the lab. Nobody came. We sat on our breakfast table. We brewed two cups of cheap coffee, ate own breakfast, and did light chit-chat.
I told to her that my senior (kakak kelas sepembimbingan) which has already finished his PhD in US visited to the lab last week. He was one of the smart guys who work in the lab (our lab member are almost women :p). He came with his beautiful wife and his cute daughter. We laughed when we told about him. He was a humble smart student and sometimes crazy, my supervisor said.

Today, when I’m surfing to his blog, I find this post, I guess that he posted it in the same condition with me, galau penelitian :D

Adakah Engkau di lab kami ya Allah?

Apakah bekerja Kau lihat sebagai doa, ya Allah?
Adakah Engkau di sudut-sudut laboratorium tempat virus-virus diidentifikasi dan diteliti?
Ulangan-ulangan metode dan lembar-lembar laporan ini ya Allah, berartikah bagiMu?

Jika Engkau ada di dalam semua itu ya Allah,
mengapa aku tak merasakanMu di sana?

By: Buyung


Thank God It’s Friday, hope I always be grateful, even in this hard research condition!


This is only a random thought afternoon..


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