New Sheet in New Year

Dear 2013,

this is the first day in 2013 and my first posting too. Last night I stayed up, didn’t sleep until 01:00 a.m. for a waiting of fire work. Yep, seems like last year, I decide to celebrate new year witout special script. I spent last night just having dinner with my flatmates (we made special dinner own) and back to my work desk for search journal,,hello again to the real paper work..du du du du..

Yes, yes, actually I don’t have real christmas and new year’s holiday..and don’t know why after read some postings in the timeline of social network suddenly I got a little bit homesick,,doh! Some of university stuff forced me couldn’t go back home. Doing my research while spending holiday in the end of year is the best choice. A big target must be accomplished in 2013, finishing my master study on time 8-)

— — — —

Some of unforgettable travelings in 2012 (Australia and Japan) more or less shape of my life. Experience and new people which I meet in every trip influence and open my mind to something, about life, future target, even love :D

I learned many things in 2012, laugh and cry for achieving and loosing.

— — — —

and now, 2013 has already begun,

new resolutions has already prepared, for new targets, new journey to the dream destinations, and new love ;)

but the most important I think is more grateful, for beautiful and great mercy which Allah SWT has given to me.

the last, I wanna say,

“Happy New Year 2013”

may God bless us always. xx

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