Blog Walking

Hi weekend!
People have many creative activities in every their weekends. Me too– :P
I do ‘blog walking’ to spending this Saturday. I often do this activity.. It’s not just only for fun.. sometimes I get ‘some ideas’ from this one.

Here I will share for some blogs which I follow randomly:

1. Tanja –> TL’s Life
We acquainted from a field course in October 2010. We joined in a butterfly group. Now, she take master in nature conservation. I enjoy her story esp. about Kiwi Land (yes, NZ is one of my dream destinations ;) )

2. Postcrossing’s friends –> Uthie, Ellya, Restu, Opat, and Sekar
Hehehehe.. actually I prefer update about them from blog to FB or twitter.. yep..I like read longer story than just 140 characters :P

3. Puty –> Puty’s Journal
I found her blog in 2009 when I search in google about Iker Casillas. I like her postings, some creatives..and I like her photos too! I get many inspirations from her blog.

4. Indonesia Dragonfly Society –> IDS’blog
I knew IDS from Riyani Djangkaru’s timeline. Finally I could meet IDS’crew  in January 2012. Pak Sigit, Putri, and Nur came to Bogor, joined Indonesia Entomology Society seminar. Unfortunately Tabita couldn’t join with us. I salute with their consistency to save and love dragonfly.

5. National Geographic –> NatGeo
hmmm,,, I like science,,,so don’t ask why again! ;)

6. Una Madridista –> Following Real Madrid
I can get some update news  about Real Madrid and Iker beside Real Madrid official website. It’s one of my fav. blogs! ^^

7. Dina & Ryan –> Dua Ransel
I appreciate with their decisions to become a world backpackers. Amazing! Their wanderlusts inspire some people to explore some places in the world.

8. Kak Buyung –> Wiken, Kopi, Buku
I get recomendation from bu Asti to read his blog. Kak Buyung is my senior in Bogor Agricultural Univ. I never meet him directly, I just hear about him from bu Asti–our supervisors.

9. Rina Bey –> CasaDeRina
Rina is my Madridista friend. I give two thumbs up for her capability in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Just check her blog ;)

10.Rahne Putri –> sadgenic
don’t know why…just like read her script ;)

11. The last but not least,,absolutely my blog!!  :D

Ok,,11 things,,11 — a team in football..hehehe..So, how about you? what’s your fav. blog in this weekend? Let’s share to me ;)


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