One month later..

Yes, today is weekend, but it’s not for me, because I have to restart my research (lab work especially) after back from Australia last month. But, when I just have finished one work, unfortunately my lucky has gone, electricity suddenly death :( aaaaannnddddd I have to stop my work!! doh!! :(

another fact..

Finally I do blog some blogs about traveling and I get an idea to write my journey experience too. It’s not traveling note about to get a good destination point, because I have written a short post about Brisbane (my destination) in this post and this one for photos. The second reason, I wasn’t a backpacker who explore a place (in this journey), it was a research program, so I don’t write how to get a good hotel or cheap transportation. But  idea comes to my mind!! I’ll write about my experience during research in plant virology laboratory to some points.

After my flight got delay almost 6 hours, finally April 5th we arrived in Sydney for transit before flight again to Brisbane. One of interesting experience (when we were in Sydney airport) was I can learn directly how a good airport quarantine work well. Fortunately we got legal permit. In the evening, with a little bit cold weather, I took a breath Brisbane’s air,,yeaaaayyy!!! welcome to Queensland dear!!

Point 2: Laboratory orientation
Hmmm,, I have been waiting this moment since my supervisor said in January that I got a chance like ‘a short sandwich reasearch’ in Australia for my master ;)
And,,you can imagine how speechless expression in my face when I entered the building and laboratory especially..hehehehe :D
We were learned the rule how to work in laboratory (include a good green house), how to rearing insect as plant virus vector, and visited microscope electron room exactly ;)

a cozy green house in the 5th floor (@roof)

Point 3: Work time!!!

It was too hard to match our schedule in this program, so we arrived in Brisbane when Easter Day.  The advantage from this schedule, we got more time to enjoyed Brisbane. The consequence, I have to work hard when lab work has been started. I went to the lab in the morning and said hello again to my room in the evening. Fortunately I got a competent technician who help me in molecular work. He gave me many tips, methods, and right rule especially in PCR and gene cloning. Be grateful ^^
Modern lab and conducive situation made me feel homy ;) and yes it was the most important factor of my work during there.

Lab Coats

Point 4 New fact (it’s not important)
My new record!!! because as an Indonesian I could defense without rice for 10 days,,became a vegetariant ;)

and month later after the journey:

Remembering these moments is very useful to recharge my mood…….. :))

Point 1: Important stuff
You must wear cloes shoes during work in lab. It’s a simple things but important, because they will protect you from danger chemical material.
Log book. In development countries, in every laboratory, they have exclusive log-book. Unfortunately, we are not yet a loog book which has standarized :(

Log Book – after lab work hours

Their habits. An old Indonesian proveb said that “Where the earth is trampled, in this point the sky is uphold“, means we have to adapt the condition where we live. They have nice habits (must be followed): work serious and organized, speak in low voice when in work room (nearly whisper), lunch together (it’s time to joking :D), on time, and queue. They like jogging, enjoying afternoon in the park, and driving bicycle.

Point 2: Interpretation
This time is a learn how to enjoy the process. I walked together from hotel to lab with my lecture and other pedestrians. We chose different ways everyday, we tried to enjoy different experiences in everyday, met new fresh air, park, and housing residents. When we spent afternoon in the park or walked around Queensland University, we discussed about many things, about lab work, life, even love,,hahaha :D This moment really can recharge my mind ^^

Cheers ^^V

Point 3: Dream more
I have written about my hubbub in this post when I have to made a decision for my master. So, I just dream one day I can get international sandwich research. Allah hear my wish and April it came true ^^
I got a good quotes from Puty’s blog about her dream journey to Japan which come true:

Because every dream-come-true would teach yourself to dream more and believe even more

—— Europe and America always dance in my mind,,when I can visit there? ;)


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