South bank and beyond

Today is Easter Day and in Brisbane is long weekend..

But it doesn’t inhibit us to start explore the Brisbane..yep because our laboratory activity will start in Tuesday, so we have approximately 4 days to do a journey.

Point 1 — Ecosciences Precinct

This is a research centre in Brisbane and lucky me can doing my laboratory work in here. I’m really speechless when enter the room ==> ecofriendly design interior + modern laboratory + nice scenery from 5th floor :O

Point 2 — South Bank

The journey has not finished,, a good weather and sunsine make us to decide continue our journey to the South Bank Area. We drive bus 196 from our apartment.

One of bus stations

Why we choose South Bank?

* This area has Museum&Sciencentre and Art Galery, unfortunately they are close because today is Easter, so tomorrow visiting them is our plan :D

Museum & Sciencentre

* Library Centre

really really a cozy library ;)

*Enjoying afternoon in the park around Brisbane’s river with bu Asti. People do many activities in this park. Jogging, reading, gathering, refreshing, etc. Us? we walk around the park and imagine if our city also have a park like this one.

* We also find a Nepal’s pagoda in the park

Point 3 — Enjoying Aborigin Painting

We find some aborigin painting style in many points, and yep we like it!

Do you think that they are so cute and artistic?

Now — 09:22 pm ==> do you believe the power of dream? me? yes I do..night all ^^


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