Bye 2011 and hello 2012

It’s time to say good bye 2011..a year which has given me a learning about life & new experiences..
here a little flash back for 1 year ;)

  • January – learning to catch a goal in my bachelor study,,it’s time for me when I have to make a seminar about the result of my research and get comprehensive examination,,fiuhh,,this month really need work and pray hard before finally I can make a big smile on my face,,I became a miss bachelor now ;)
  • February – busy to prepare my entomology conference,,make a paper and consultation with my supervisor,,it give me a learning how to negotiate and the meaning of a scramble..thank Dikti for the funding ^^
  • March – flying to Thailand,,new experiences join in an international conference,,it’s really a great experience for me ;)
  • April – preparing my graduation
  • May – Graduation~~finally,,thank for people who always support me in every condition ^^
  • June – take a research project with my lecture,,these month I also learning how to handle my disappointed when have to cancel my interview invitation from GCC & ACI 2011,,but it’s ok,,I can do it ^^
  • July – my birthday ^^ first time celebrate it in the mountain ;)
  • August – back to university as a new master student,,thank to I-MHERE for the scholarship :)
  • September – Ied Mubarok,,learning to forgive each other
  • October – join in ISSAAS committee,,get many wonderful friends :D
  • November – work and study hard for paper,,report,,examination,,and presentation.. o__O
  • December – still examination,, Solo-Jogja trip,, sending greetings postcard to postcrossing and international friends,,mom’s day,, and absolutely fireworks party to greet 2012 ;)


1st day in 2012 I try to make resolution,,write them on my journal book,,so I can read them everyday ^^
and I would say thank you for everyone who had sent me lovely christmast (although I didn’t celebrate it) and new year postcard..I like them so much ;)


Hello 2012!! Let’s start the great journey ;)

—— Alhamdulillahhirobbil alamin ——


5 thoughts on “Bye 2011 and hello 2012”

  1. Wah, udah tahun 2012. :D

    Mari terus berdoa, semoga di tahun masehi yang baru ini kita semua tetap diberi kesehatan, tetap bisa berkumpul bersama keluarga, semoga segala urusan pekerjaan maupun akademis kita dilancarkan, dan kita berharap semoga di tahun 2012 ini umur kita selalu diberkahi. Amin!

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