Several days ago, I found an interesting book title in my college library,, “Passionate Minds” . It was remembering me about something,,my passion exactly..

I deliberate crop the title,,the original title was Passionate Minds

Passion,,in the real life I often find, listen, and read people stories that their life choices aren’t their passions. Many reasons and conditions why sometimes people must being another people..

It also happens to me,,
Actually,,4 years ago when I registered as student in university, biology isn’t my passion. I prefer to physics and/ or economics. I got uncomfortable feeling in my first year and impact to my GPA. At transation time from 1st year to 2nd year I pushed my mind. Big change happen. It seems like a journey to discover a identity. I began to reading inspirational books, sharing with my academic lecture, surfing on virtual world, or just doing a slight chitchat with random people.

I began love my major and it proven..I took molecular biology esp. in plant virology as my thesis topic. It was wonderful remembering that in my history I didn’t got good score in biology and it’s not my passion. God had opened another door in my life way. I successed as agricultural bachelor with plant molecular biology as my thesis topic ;)

but a flurry suddenly came to my mind.. :(
It happened when I joined in summer course “Tropical Ecology and Rapid Biodiersity and Assessment” 2010. I got an irresistible learning and knowledge about ecology and insect conservation. You would find defference sense between work in laboratory and field. It made me confuse to decide my master scholarship, entomology or phytopathology. It was so hard but a decission must be done. Finally I take phytopathology as my master because I want to extend my knowledge in molecular biology.

When I begin my study as a phytopatologist, another news comes from my Austrian & Chinese friend. My Austrian friend tell me that finally she takes international conservation as her master in George-August University, Goettingen-Germany and my Chinese friend take her master in England. Ah,,envy with them..they are wonderful and doing their life with their passions easily..but it’s Ok! They always support & surrounding motivation for me.. I’m happy with mine :)


4 thoughts on “Passion”

  1. People has different passion in their life..
    Passion is about our strenght, Passion is not our hobbies but passion is somethin what you care about and interested in.
    Findin a passion may take a long time.. yeah!! somethin that I know: Banking is not my passion.. hahaa LOL :D
    Fighting ka!!

  2. sorry for belated answer ;p
    bukan,,saya jurusan fitopatologi,,scr umum sering disebut sbg ilmu yg mempelajari tentang penyakit tanaman,,
    y,,begitulah hiduupp,,seringkali penuh dengan kejutan ,,just enjoy in every your moment :D

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