the end of May..sweet taste :9

Hello June..hi bloggin lova..long time no see with you..Yep!! I got many hectics for several days in my ‘real world’..

Actually, when I posted this writing, I had graduated and became a miss Bachelor of Agriculture from my University officially..yes!! finally I could finish it :D (although I couldn’t get cum laude and late almost 6 months from normally) but it’s Ok!! I have done it well..did you know guys,,God switched my disappointment about this one with extraordinary graces ^^

  1. I got a ticket for international field course between my university with Univ. of Vienna, and indeed many great experiences and new friends came to me ;)
  2. meet many scientist from Indonesia and abroad in Integrated Pest Management training for South East Asia region
  3. trip to Thailand for one week in Entomology Conference (and it’s free!!!) ^^
  4. finally in May 25th, 2011 celebrated graduation with my beloved friends together…and thank to kind of my seniors, special friend, classmates, juniors who came and gave many many beautiful flower bouquets and gifts for me (gue ampe kayak orang jualan bunga :D -LOL- )
we are a miss Bachelor now :) , Bogor 2011

and then,
God never stop gave me mercy..God gave me many great lectures and beloved friends who always support me..include my friends in Plant Virology Laboratory who helped me when I felt despair about my research (esp. when I must found good DNA sequence of tomato virus)..we really like a family..and when after graduation celebration, we went to waterfall and picnic to the mountain together (joined with Insect Biosystematics Laboratory crew)

guys..I have to loose one of my best friends,,she must back to her home town :'( ough it’s so sad when we couldn’t escort her to airport..I have to did my field work and the others have to finished their business..
we went to Tangkuban Perahu to celebrated our graduation,,but she couldn’t joined with us..whereas this one was prepared for her..

to my dear friend who return to her home town today,,
you must know that we always care and remember in every our cogitations,,
in every our steps,,every corners of Bogor,,every laugh and cry,,we are a close friend,,best friend,,

this photo we dedicated to our beloved friend

I hope this posting can be one of your inspirations to start your Monday after spent long weekend holiday.. :D



6 thoughts on “the end of May..sweet taste :9”

    1. makasih Uthi…hehehehe..Jum’at kemarin aku baruuuuuuuuuuuu aja dari Jogja…nginap di Kaliurang,,
      sayang aku g punya no.HP-mu..jadi g bisa sms..DM aj no.HP mu say d twitter :D one day insya Allah akan maen k Jogja lg :D

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