I don’t know the right time when my wanderlust was born..
I just know that I like read encyclopedia when I was in Junior high school and read about Europe countries and Asia (esp. Japan & Korea)..This is reinforced when I watched ‘Jejak Petualang’..
It built and developed my mind to make a dream for adventure..so, my wanderlust grow time for time..

(I got these photos from Tanja, my Austria friend)

I obsessed to Europe..
just an ordinary time which is surrounded in every time..
need extraordinary force to make it comes true..
Europe always has appeal for me..it’s special..keep million fascinations..
Old and high building..
Everything is orange and falling leaves in the autumn..
Say hi to Mr.&Mrs. Snow in the winter..
become a witness when flowers get up in the spring..
and bright smile like a sun in the summer..

Europe also offer Real Madrid..
my favorite team..
I’m a Madridista..so I’m one of a huge Real Madrid and Iker Casillas fans..

I obsessed Europe..but it doesn’t mean I don’t like Indonesia..it really doesn’t matter..

Indonesia still in my heart..my beloved country that I can meet lovely people and Caucasian from Europe..
Indonesia still offer many beautiful places in every islands..fabulous nature..tropical rain forest..mega biodiversity..beach with beautiful sunset..delicious food..and culture :)

PS..photo by AW..thank y Dit..hehe

Hi Indonesia&Europe..please wait me..still try to conquer obstacles to pursue and conquest my dreams..

Bermimpilah..karena Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpimu..
Arai-‘Sang Pemimpi’


17 thoughts on “wanderlust”

  1. hahaha..dulu aku juga g suka ama CR7,,tapi tidak bisa menutup mata bahwa kontribusi gol-nya mampu menyelamatkan Madrid :)

    btw,,thank y udah mampir d blogku..iya..ntar aku akan sering mampir d blogmu ;)

  2. waaaa… sama banget! kalo aku sih dr kecil udah “diracunin” papaku yg doyan jalan-jalan.

    sekarang setelah punya penghasilan sendiri, malah jd makin menjadi aja ini keinginan berkelananya. :P

  3. Aku juga mau ke Eropa,, tapi ke Manchester,, secara gitu aku fans banget sama United :D

    Moga2 mimpi2 yang kita idam2kan bisa terwujud yak.. amin :D

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