‘Taman Saodiq and Babe’

we called it ‘Taman Saodiq’
a little garden which was surrounded by a triangle area..laboratory, a class, the librarya and a little room for Himasita..very strategic for us who well know about Taman Saodiq..students,,lectures,,and other staff in my department..We usually use it when we were waiting class,,meeting someone,,just joking together..even doing our paper :D it keeps many stories..

but, who is Saodiq? why we called it Taman Saodiq?

he is Saodiq..but he is more popular with ‘babe’..one of call for a man who is older than us,esp. for father, usually in Betawi community,,although Babe actually is a Javanese..hihihihi ;)
Saodiq or babe is a senior staff in my department..a diligent gardener and one of witness when my lectures still students..
We never though Babe like a labor..he is our friends, parents, and we really love chat with him..

Babe always go to campus in early morning..sweeps the garden..mows..plants flowers and watering them..that’s why we called it ‘Taman Saodiq’

Babe is helpful..fix everything is ok..even sometimes help us to open a laboratory when we lost or forget bring the key.. :p
Babe is the first gardener which I knew..Maybe he never teach us in formal education..but indirectly he transmits a positive though that we have to always hard and study hard..never loose with Babe..Babe also learn to us what’s the meaning of loyalty with his way..low profile,,an ordinary life with an extraordinary capability..it doesn’t mean we underestimate our lecture..lecture still always becomes our parent in university..


4 thoughts on “‘Taman Saodiq and Babe’”

    1. hahaha..warga Fema ama Fem (esl&agb) pasti sering bgt lewat taman ini..iyaaaa…salah satu tempat yg nyaman u/tempat nongkrong..btw, aku udah up load sunset d ujung kulon..d posting wanderlust :) (sayangnya pantainya g klihatan :( )

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