“Come on Buddy!!!” Josh said

This night..I found an old film on TV..Air Bud..wow!! surprise!!
Air Bud is one of my favorite films..I always watch Air Bud series..

Air Bud was an American film in 1997,tell a dog which was found by Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers), a young guy which move to a new town with his mom and little sister..Josh is a member basket ball club in his school,,Timber Wolves,,
but he just a second player..but everything change when Buddy comes..Buddy always support and help Josh’s team in every tournament..
Problem comes when Buddy’s owner look for his dog..He always try to catch back Buddy..run..jump..fall down..it was funny scene ^^
Buddy becomes conquest between Josh’s family and the owner thus was brought to court..finally Buddy choose Josh’s family..people who give true love,,not the owner which always exploited him..

in every series, Air Bud always present different sports (e.g. basket ball, American foot ball, soccer, baseball, and beach volleyball) and stories..
Here is my favorites scene..I found it from sources..

and now..I find Kevin Zegers with his new style..very charming :)


6 thoughts on ““Come on Buddy!!!” Josh said”

  1. ouw..Horti..saya HPT (hehe..jawab sblum dtanya)..
    iya..skrg Agronomi,Horti,dan pemuliaan d merger jadi AGH..
    untung HPT g merger jd agrotek seperti kampus2 lain..hehehe..

  2. DUlu perasaan Kevin Zeger ini ganteeeeeng banget ya, lesung pipitnya ngga nahan.. Sekarang masih ganteng sih (ya iyalah, siapa saya mau pake sok ngatain doi ngga ganteng, lol) cuma kadar ke-cute-annya berkurang.. :D

  3. iya..bener bgt..Kevin Zegers pas main d Air Bud 1,2,3 masih keliatan cute bgt..skrg cuma ‘ganteng’ aj tp kurang cute..hehehe ;)
    makasih Plaida sudah berkunjung k blog saya :)

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